THE ECONOMIC PAMPHLETEER: A "Green New Deal" for Farm and Food Policy


  • John Ikerd University of Missouri, Columbia



Green New Deal, Politics, Farm Policy, Food Policy, Human Rights, Climate Change


First paragraphs:

I made the case for a “new mandate for farm and food policy” in a 2015 Economic Pamphleteer column—concluding that “Food sovereignty is the logical public policy mandate to support agricul­tural sustainability and a sustainable future for humanity” (Ikerd, 2015, p. 13). The Green New Deal, a 2019 congressional resolution, now pro­vides a logical framework for a policy mandate to secure food sovereignty (116th Congress, 2019).

The Green New Deal obviously will confront vigorous opposition. Already, claims have been made that it would decimate animal agriculture in order to mitigate climate change. It has also been widely characterized as socialism and a threat to democracy. Support and opposition likely will be divided along political party lines. They shouldn’t be. The core values reflected in Green New Deal and in food sovereignty are Democratic, Repub­lican, and America values. . . .

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John Ikerd, University of Missouri, Columbia

Professor emeritus of agricultural econom­ics

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Ikerd, J. (2019). THE ECONOMIC PAMPHLETEER: A "Green New Deal" for Farm and Food Policy. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, 9(1), 3–5.

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