Author Responsibilities

JAFSCD is all about contributing to food systems research, policy, and practice. It is not enough for the author(s) to prepare a great manuscript, for reviewers to give it a tough review, and for journal staff to copy-edit, format, and publish your work. To have the intended impact on our shareholder community, the work needs to be distributed broadly and to specifically targeted stakeholders in the good food movement—researchers, policy-makers, professionals, educators, and practitioners. The responsibilities of authors, therefore, do not end with the publishing of their work. To maximize the beneift of open access, we ask authors to assist us with the following.

1. If you are affiliated with a college or institution, post your published work in your institutional repository (contact your main library for details).

2. Draft a press release, using the template and information you will find here.

3. Help us write a two-page brief about your work that is easy for policy-makers, professionals, and practitioners to read and digest. You can find instructions and examples here.

4. Promote your own work:

  • Reading listsAdd the journal to your students' reading lists as essential reading. 
  • Department website or personal webpage: Use your staff profile entry on your department website, or your personal webpage, to add information about your involvement with JAFSCD and link directly to the latest table of contents
  • Email signatureUse your email signature to tell people about the journal, linking to the latest table of contents.
  • LinkedInLinkedIn is a network of professionals from around the world. It is not just for career opportunities. When you create your profile that summarizes your professional expertise and accomplishments, why not include a mention of JAFSCD? Join the Food Systems Journal LinkedIn group for the journal's advisors, reviewers and authors!
  • Check out your article's Altmetric score here.
  • BlogsIf you blog, don't forget to inform other users about JAFSCD.
  • Discussion lists: Post a short message to any discussion lists you are a member of, letting people know each time a new issue of the journal becomes available. The easiest way to do this is to register for the table of contents alert for the journal so you can forward the email once you have received it.
  • CiteULike: You can add articles from JAFSCD to your personal CiteULike library to share with others, helping them discover literature relevant to their field. You can use CiteULike's "invite a friend" feature. 
  • Join academic social networking sites: Academics, researchers, and practitioners are increasingly using social communities such as ResearchGate, Mendeley, and Academici as a way of meeting and conversing with people who share the same research interests.

We hope that you consider taking one or two of the steps above. We look forward to working with you to promote your work in JAFSCD.