JAFSCD Shareholder Consortium Page

JAFSCD Shareholder Consortium Announcements

The Shareholder Consortium released its JAFSCD Statement on Anti-Black Racism on June 18, 2020.

Members of the JAFSCD Shareholder Consortium collaborated to create an Equity Agenda to guide the work of JAFSCD.


Purpose of the JAFSCD Shareholder Consortium

The purpose of the JAFSCD Shareholder Consortium (JSC) is to provide ongoing input on the policies and practices of the journal, to periodically evaluate the performance of the journal and measure its impact, and hold the journal accountable to meet the needs of its shareholders. See also EQUITY AGENDA below.


Co-Chairs: Keith Williams (First Nations Technical Institute) and James Farmer (University of Indiana)

Equity Officer: Open

Ex-officio: JAFSCD editor-in-chief Duncan Hilchey and managing editor Amy Christian

JAFSCD Shareholder Consortium Membership

Members include all sponsoring partners, all organizational/program and individual shareholders. Ex-officio members include the editor in chief, managing editor, all associate editors, reviewers, columnists, advisors,  volunteers, and work-study students.

Membership Qualification

To qualify as organizational shareholding members the organization must register as a shareholder HERE, and must maintain an active membership.

To qualify as an individual shareholder, a person must make a share donation HERE, and must maintain an active membership.

“Active membership” refers to purchasing an annual share, contributing to input on the JAFSCD Shareholder Consortium listserv, and participating in the annual shareholder meeting. Note that organizations, institutions, and individuals representing historically disenfranchised groups are exempt from purchasing an annual share.

Consortium Communications

● Shareholder Consortium listserv (jafscdshareholders-l@list.cornell.edu)

● Annual Meeting is typically held in February of each year.


A list of current shareholding organizations can be found HERE.

A list of current shareholding libraries can be found HERE.