Call for Papers

JAFSCD currently has two calls for papers:

• COVID-19 and the Food System (submission deadline: Sept. 30, 2020): See full announcement below

Food as a Tool for Social Change (submission deadline: Dec. 15, 2020): Click on title for the full announcement


COVID-19 and the Food System

JAFSCD announces a call for papers and essays for a special issue on COVID-19 and the Food System. The deadline for submissions is anytime before September 30, 2020. Read details in the full announcement (a PDF that can be shared and posted). Please share with your contacts and networks!

JAFSCD is calling for four types of submissions related to COVID-19 and the Food System.


1. Policy and Practice Briefs (about 1,000 words, plus images or graphics) from agencies, organizations, markets, short supply chain actors, etc., that are focused on providing safe commercial food and emergency food assistance during the pandemic.

2. Voices from the Grassroots Essays (up to 1,000 words plus jpgs) from front-line food and farm organizations. This is an opportunity for CBOs, NGOs, public agencies, and quasi-governmental entities to share their challenges, suggestions, needs, and innovations in the face of the pandemic.*

3. Commentaries (up to 1,000 words) addressing issues related to food security, farm labor, food safety, and other topics.


4. Peer-Reviewed Research Papers (4,500 to 7,500 words) on a wide range of topics as described below. Collaborations that include nonprofit and academic co-authors are required. NOTE: In the interest of fast-tracking particularly timely information, some may be copy-edited and published as working papers, and then resubmitted for peer review.

Submissions for peer-reviewed papers are by invitation only; the first step is completing the JAFSCD query form.

Read our General Information page for more about submitting to JAFSCD.

* For details on Voices from the Grassroots submissions, contact the JAFSCD Voices from the Grassroots editorial team.

The Working Landscapes processing crew cleans greens. Image courtesy of Gabriel Cumming, Working Landscapes (Warrenton, North Carolina).