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JAFSCD coversAs of January 1, 2018, JAFSCD has become an open access journalfreely readable by all, worldwide.

We are funding our work using an innovative model borrowed from the food system, becoming the world's first community supported journal. See the list of JAFSCD's Library and Agency Shareholders and University and College Program and Nonprofit Shareholders.

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Vol 8, No 1 (2018): Open Call Papers: Fostering Access to Local Food Data

Cover of volume 8, issue 1 (spring 2018)

On our cover: Mapping access to green retailers over space and time can aid in targeting healthy food access interventions. The pillars demonstrate physical access to green retailers over the road network. The height of the pillars illustrates the length of time retailers are open. (Green retailers are those that are large enough to be likely to sell perishable items.)

Source: Chen, X., & Clark, J. (2016). Measuring space-time access to food retailers: A case of temporal access disparity in Franklin County, Ohio. The Professional Geographer, 68(2), 175–188.