Vol 2, No 3 (2012)

Food Systems and Higher Education

Cover of JAFSCD volume 2, issue 3

On our cover: A Virginia Tech student in the Introduction to Civic Agriculture course, ALS 2204, visits the Hale Y Community Garden with Garden Coordinator Jenny Schwanke (at right). Caitlin Miller (on left) is an undergraduate student in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Virginia Tech. Kim Niewolny is the lead instructor and Susan Clark is a member of the teaching team for the 2204 course. The Hale Y is one of Virginia Tech's premier service-learning sites for the course and for the Civic Agriculture and Food System minor. See the paper "Sustainable Agriculture Education and Civic Engagement: The Significance of Community-University Partnerships in the New Agricultural Paradigm" in this issue. Photo by Kelsey Kradel.