Interested in Writing a JAFSCD Brief?

JAFSCD Food Systems Briefs encapsulate the critical points of JAFSCD papers for quick reference. Papers selected to be summarized are ones that practitioners and policy-makers can benefit from on the local or regional level. They are prepared by graduate students, JAFSCD work-study students, and others with a knack for digesting scholarly works. 

We are not able to pay for brief write-ups, but we offer a complimentary subscription to JAFSCD for one year. We hope that having a byline can benefit you academically and personally. 

The process is simple. Fill out our quick PDF form and we'll get back to you promptly. You can suggest a paper or we can assign you a paper on which to prepare a brief. In either case, you will contact the corresponding author of the paper and request their permission to do the brief. (We will provide you with an email template.) You can give them a copy of an existing brief and/or include a link to the JAFSCD Food Systems Brief page. The email will explain that having a brief prepared of their paper means it is exceptionally useful to practitioners in the field and means that their paper will get even more exposure.

If they agree, you’ll start work right away and try to get them a draft within two weeks. You may wish to send an early draft to Duncan Hilchey first. You may have some back and forth with the author(s) before you send the final draft to us for proofing. We will send the proofed and formatted version back to you with a sign-off form for you and the lead author to sign and return to us.

Details on structuring and writing the brief: The brief should be up to 1,200 words. One approach is to summarize the first paragraph or two of each subsection. These are likely to include the most important points for each element. The literature review generally can be left out. Read the results and discussions sections, paying particular attention to lessons learned, recommendations based on the research, and policy implications. We're happy to provide as much guidance as you need to complete a brief.