Virtual Farmers Markets

A Reflective Essay on a Rural Ohio Project




Farmers Market, Virtual Farmers Market, Food Council, Local Food, Online Farmers Market, COVID-19, Pandemic


This reflective essay discusses the development, structure, operation, and transitioning of an online virtual farmers market in rural Ohio. In this model, customers order online and then pick up their fresh, local produce at a specified time and loca­tion. Through a combination of practitioner expe­rience in the market’s development and informal discussions with people associated with the mar­ket’s development and management, the authors analyze the positive and negative aspects of the online market structure and implementation, as well as suggest critical steps that may be necessary to export this model to other communities. They also consider potential structural and process improvements that could increase viability and success. A last-minute addendum briefly discusses the potential for this model to become a meaning­ful response to the COVID-19 issue as well.


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Author Biographies

Brian Raison, Ohio State University

Department of Extension

John C. Jones, Virginia Commonwealth University

Assistant Professor, Institute for Inclusion, Inquiry, and Innovation (iCubed), Center for Environmental Studies

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Raison, B., & Jones, J. (2020). Virtual Farmers Markets: A Reflective Essay on a Rural Ohio Project. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, 9(4), 299–310.