Growing a Garden Community: A Film Review


  • Brian Raison Ohio State University Extension



Organic, Gardening, Community, Documentary


First paragraphs:

“It’s not about the vegetables. It’s about community.”

Are you looking for some inspiration for a local food group, garden club, or association meeting? Would you like to set the stage of an event—perhaps a food summit or a gardening or agricultural conference—with a positive message about food and community? A Garden Experience: Growing Organic, a film about an organic community garden project in Colorado, may provide that inspiration. As one of the participating gardeners says, “It’s not about the vegetables. It’s about community.”. . .


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Brian Raison, Ohio State University Extension

Associate Professor

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Raison, B. (2020). Growing a Garden Community: A Film Review. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, 9(3), 325–326.