Community gardening during times of crisis

Recommendations for community-engaged dialogue, research, and praxis




Community Gardening, Pandemic, COVID-19


Using ongoing reflections from our recent work as members of a community gardening initiative, we outline relevant priorities for researchers, policy­makers, and community practitioners to examine the role of community gardens in addressing the effects of COVID-19 on the lives of intersection­ally diverse growers. To understand how COVID-19 has influenced the practices of community-led urban agricultural spaces, we suggest that future efforts take into consideration three essential areas of focus: uses of community gardening in com­bat­ing food insecurity during a pandemic, changes in community garden operations in response to crises, and community garden­ing’s role in nurturing emotional well-being.


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Author Biographies

Angie Mejia, University of Minnesota Rochester

Assistant Professor and Civic Engagement Scholar, Center for Learning Innovation

Manami Bhattacharya, University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Ph.D. Candidate, Division of Health Policy and Management

Amanda Nigon-Crowley, The Village Community Garden and Learning Center

Managing Coordinator

Kelly Kirkpatrick, Plant.a.seed


Chandi Katoch, University of Minnesota Rochester

Student, Center for Learning Innovation

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How to Cite

Mejia, A., Bhattacharya, M., Nigon-Crowley, A., Kirkpatrick, K., & Katoch, C. (2020). Community gardening during times of crisis: Recommendations for community-engaged dialogue, research, and praxis. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, 10(1), 13–19.

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