Equity, Environmentalism, and Conscious Consumerism

A Review of Grocery Activism





Consumerism, Book Review, Grocery Stores, Activism


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Two crises pervading the current consciousness of society—the COVID-19 health crisis and the ongoing crisis of police brutality against Black Americans as evident in the recent murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis—make Craig B. Upright’s Grocery Activism: The Radical History of Food Cooperatives in Minnesota particularly timely and relevant, though neither is the direct topic of the book. Upright outlines how grocery co-ops were able to find, sustain, and promote a niche in the market through a symbiotic relationship with the natural and organic foods movement. Readers encounter a variety of voices from Minnesota’s rich history of food co-ops, and while some voices are notably missing, the book provides a foothold into exploring the broad environmental, social, and eco­nomic implications of the aphorism Upright notes in the text: “Food is power." . . .


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Leah Halliday, University of Louisville

Doctoral Candidate

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Halliday, L. (2020). Equity, Environmentalism, and Conscious Consumerism: A Review of Grocery Activism. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, 9(4), 335–337. https://doi.org/10.5304/jafscd.2020.094.024