Books For Which JAFSCD Is Seeking Reviewers

Updated: March 27, 2023

To express your interest in reviewing any book below (or to propose another item for review), complete the quick JAFSCD book review query form.

Addressing Global Hunger: Lessons Learned from Syria and Venezuela, by Marianella Herrera-Cuenca and Tatyana El-Kour. Academic Press, April 2023.

Agrarian Reform and Farmer Resistance in Punjab: Mobilization and Resilience, by Shinder Singh Thandi. Routledge India, Dec. 2022.

Agroecology and Regenerative Agriculture: Sustainable Solutions for Hunger, Poverty, and Climate Change, by Vandana Shiva. Synergetic Press, April 2022.

Capitalist Agriculture and the Global Bee Crisis, by Rebecca Ellis. Routledge, Sept. 2022.

Cow Talk: Work, Ecology, and Range Cattle Ranchers in the Postwar Mountain West, by Michelle K. Berry. ‎ University of Oklahoma Press, March 2023.

Dairy Farming in the 21st Century: Global Ethics, Environment and Politics, by Bruce A. Scholten. ‎ Bloomsbury Academic, Dec. 2022.

Distress in the Fields: Indian Agriculture after Economic Liberalization, edited by R. Ramakumar. Tulika Books, Oct. 2022.

Eating Our Way through the Anthropocene, by Jessica Fanzo. Universtiy of Utah Press, Dec. 2022.

Food Systems Modelling: Tools for Assessing Sustainability in Food and Agriculture, edited by Christian Peters and Dawn Thilmany. Elsevier, Academic Press, Jan. 2022.

The Great Regeneration: Ecological Farming, Open-Source Technology, and a Radical Vision of Hope, by Dorn Cox. Chelsea Green Publishing, March 2023.

Hoofprints on the Land: How Traditional Herding and Grazing Can Restore the Soil and Bring Animal Agriculture Back in Balance with the Earth, by Ilse Köhler-Rollefson. Chelsea Green Publishing, Jan. 2023.

Junk Food Politics: How Beverage and Fast Food Industries Are Reshaping Emerging Economies, by Eduardo J. Gómez. Johns Hopkins University Press, Jan. 2023.

Our Changing Menu: Climate Change and the Foods We Love and Need, by Michael P. Hoffman, Carrie Koplinka-Loehr, and Danielle L. Eiseman. Cornell University Press, April 2021.

Philanthrocapitalism and the Erosion of Democracy: A Global Citizens’ Report on the Corporate Control of Technology, Health, and Agriculture, edited by Vandana Shiva. Synergetic Press, Feb. 2022.

Routledge Handbook of Urban Food Governance, edited by Ana Moragues-Faus, Jill K. Clark, Jane Battersby, and Anna Davies. Routledge, Oct. 2022.

Seeds of Occupation, Seeds of Possibility: The Agrochemical-GMO Industry in Hawai‘i, by Andrea Noelani Brower. West Virginia University Press, Dec. 2022.

Slow Food: The Economy and Politics of a Global Movement, by Valeria Siniscalchi. Bloomsbury Academic, July 2023.

Sustainable Apple Breeding and Cultivation in Germany: Commons-Based Agriculture and Social-Ecological Resilience, by Hendrik Wolter. Routledge, March 2023.

When a Dream Dies: Agriculture, Iowa, and the Farm Crisis of the 1980s, by Pamela Riney-Kehrberg. University Press of Kansas, Sept. 2022.

Why Agriculture Productivity Falls: The Political Economy of Agrarian Transition in Developing Countries, Rashed Al Mahmud Titumir. Purdue University Press, June 2023.