Become a Library Shareholder and Bring the Benefits of Shareholding to Your Academic Community

To further its transformative impact, JAFSCD has become open access freely available worldwide. To this end, we have modeled our open access campaign on a model familiar to those involved with food systems — community supported agriculture — to become the world's first community-supported journal.

In the CSJ model, instead of the usual subscription base, allied academic, research, extension and outreach programs, foundations, and national nonprofit organizations purchase “shares” annually in the journal and join an OA Shareholder Consortium. Share revenue supports an unusual range of services provided by the JAFSCD staff, including a consulting editor program for authors whose native language is not English, an author mentor program to assist any authors with limited experience in scholarly writing, as well as the publication of non–peer-reviewed submissions from professionals in the field called “Voices of the Grassroots.” Furthermore libraries at HBCUs, Tribal Colleges, and Hispanic-serving Institutions are allowed to join the Consortium at no cost.


Benefits to Libraries

* No Article Publishing Charge (APC) for authors affiliated with shareholding libraries — a savings of US$500

* Open access with no embargo

* Creative Commons licensing

* Authors are required to submit their published papers in their institutional repository

* No individual subscriptions

* No reprint permissions or payments

* Altmetrics to measure social media impact

* Libraries can appoint a food and farming program at their institution to serve as their representative on the JAFSCD Shareholder Consortium

Library Shares for 2019 are based on the number of full-time equivalent students attending the institution:


JAFSCD cover of vol. 5, issue 4 (2015)