The encyclopedia of agroecology and Indigenous wisdom

Reflections on McFadden’s Deep Agroecology




Regenerative Agriculture, Agroecology, Climate Change, Deep Agroecology


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Presenting an array of facts and an encyclopedia of ideas, Deep Agroecology: Food, Farms, and Our Future, by journalist Steven McFadden, urges the reader to activate their ‘spiritual understanding’ of agriculture in order to elevate all life on Earth. The author calls for nothing short of a spiritual awakening of all human beings to prevent further deterioration of the planet. As our climate falls into chaos, oceans warm, deserts grow, and the ice poles melt, McFadden argues, infusing and sustaining greater spirituality in farming practices is essential for the food system and farmers, for our culture, and for the health of the planet. McFadden’s goal with this book is not just to explore agroecology but to advocate for an additional “realm of critical mystery” (p. xiii) in our conception of farming. . . .


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Alissa Boochever, University of Vermont

Master’s candidate; farmer

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Boochever, A. (2021). The encyclopedia of agroecology and Indigenous wisdom: Reflections on McFadden’s Deep Agroecology. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, 10(3), 303–304.