Small farms might rescue the future


  • Hannah Lohr University of Kansas



Alternative Agriculture, Food Systems, Sustainability, Food Justice, Utopias, Small Farms


In A Small Farm Future, Chris Smaje argues that small farms offer humanity’s strongest option for a just and ecologically and nutritionally sus­tainable future. He undertakes three major feats. First, he demonstrates that certain forces are driving human­ity toward a small farm future in which local and self-sufficient food production is likely. Second, he outlines the ways in which a small farm future solves most of the world’s loom­ing crises (see chapter 1). Without concrete demar­ca­tions of small or local, Smaje argues for a future in which much of the world population works as small-scale farmers creating “local-autonomies” and “a degree of self-provisioning” (p. 9). Third, he depicts what such a small farm future might look like. . . .


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Author Biography

Hannah Lohr, University of Kansas

Ph.D. candidate, sociology

Cover of "A Small Farm Future" by Chris Smaje



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Lohr, H. (2021). Small farms might rescue the future. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, 10(2), 583–585.