The Myth that Farmers are Well Fed, and the Reality of Food Insecurity among Vermont's Agricultural Laborers


  • Emily Reno University of Minnesota



Labor, Farmworkers, Immigration, Food Insecurity


First paragraph:

Based on six years of community-based ethno­graphic research, Teresa M. Mares’ Life on the Other Border: Farmworkers and Food Justice in Vermont takes readers on a journey of understanding the facets of food security, from its theoretical under­pinnings to its felt experiences from agricultural laborers in the dairy industry. This book uses several different entry points into the complex issue of border (in)security and the implications of the current national sentiments toward undocu­mented immigrants. Mares’ research reinforces the notion that standardized measurements are insuf­ficient to tell the story, and that there is always more than meets the eye when it comes to the bucolic images of Vermont and its revered agri­cultural industry. This book illustrates the impor­tance of entering places where food insecurity is felt and of getting close to the people whose prob­lems we want to solve in order to be effective. . . .


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Author Biography

Emily Reno, University of Minnesota

Humphrey Fellow, Urban and Regional Planning Program

Cover of "Life on the Other Border" by Teresa M. Mares



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Reno, E. (2020). The Myth that Farmers are Well Fed, and the Reality of Food Insecurity among Vermont’s Agricultural Laborers. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, 9(3), 331–332.