An In-Depth Look at Chinese Alternative Food Networks




Alternative Food Networks, Community Supported Agriculture, China, Globalization, Organic Production, Farmers Markets


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This book is an important contribution to our knowledge and understanding of rural China in a time of economic slowdowns, continued urbanization, and growing political unease in China. In this light, a focus on food and farming, particularly the organic sector, is welcome as it shrinks the big picture into one of its constituent parts, which permits for a more digestible view of the nature, potential, and limitations of China’s alternative food sector. . . .


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Anthony M. Fuller, University of Guelph

Professor (retired); senior visiting professor at the Geography and Natural Resources Division of the China Academy of Sciences, and adjunct professor at the China Agricultural University, Beijing

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Fuller, A. (2020). An In-Depth Look at Chinese Alternative Food Networks. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, 9(3), 321–323.