Decolonizing the Caribbean Diet

Two Perspectives on Possibilities and Challenges


  • Vanessa García Polanco Michigan State University
  • Luis Alexis Rodríguez-Cruz University of Vermont



Caribbean Foodways, Caribbean Diet, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Taíno


We wonder if food and agriculture will be an emer­gent theme in reclaiming the Taíno identity, the Indigenous people of the Caribbean. As we con­sider the emergent movement to decolonize our diets and utilize food as medicine alongside veganism and vegetarianism trends, we wonder how and if food, foodways, and agriculture are or will be tools to decolonize and reclaim the Taíno identity. In this paper, we will explore two perspectives on the possible opportunities and challenges of such movements and how they will look in the Caribbean and its diaspora.

Note: Updated version published December 3, 2019, to correctly cite sources on second page.

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Author Biographies

Vanessa García Polanco, Michigan State University

Department of Community Sustainability

Luis Alexis Rodríguez-Cruz, University of Vermont

Food Systems Program, Graduate College



How to Cite

García Polanco, V., & Rodríguez-Cruz, L. (2019). Decolonizing the Caribbean Diet: Two Perspectives on Possibilities and Challenges. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, 9(B), 25–30.