Northwest Tribal Food Sovereignty Coalition

An Intertribal Collaboration


  • Nora Frank-Buckner Northwest Tribal Epidemiology Center
  • Northwest Tribal Food Sovereignty Coalition



Tribal Food Sovereignty, Food Systems, Coalitions, Traditional Foods, American Indian/Alaska Native Nutrition


American Indians and Alaska Native people experi­ence large disparities in the prevalence of preventa­ble, diet-related diseases directly associated with the lack of access to healthy, traditional food. The Northwest Tribal Food Sovereignty Coalition, a tribal-driven network, is an opportunity for tribes, tribal organizations, and allied partners to organize efforts that are driven by cultural revitalization, community empowerment, and the use of innova­tive strategies to improve the health of the people and reclaim food sovereignty. This reflective essay aims to discuss the process of the development, recruitment, and activities of this newly formed coalition.


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Author Biography

Nora Frank-Buckner, Northwest Tribal Epidemiology Center

WEAVE-NW Project Coordinator

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Frank-Buckner, N., & Northwest Tribal Food Sovereignty Coalition. (2019). Northwest Tribal Food Sovereignty Coalition: An Intertribal Collaboration . Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, 9(B), 9–12.