The Time for Macroeconomics in Municipal Food Policy

  • Shellye Suttles City of Indianapolis
Keywords: Macroeconomics, Economic Theory, Food Systems, Commentary


First paragraph:

It’s interesting—I’ve never felt like so much of an outsider as being an agricultural economist working on municipal food policy. And I’m a black woman in the United States. Prior to being the food policy and program coordinator for the City of Indianapolis, I was a research economist who studied local food systems, alternative energy, and climate change. Now, as a food policy practitioner, I have found that relevant aspects of classical macroeconomic theory often go ignored in muni­cipal food policy, particularly the concept of economic change over time. . . .


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Author Biography

Shellye Suttles, City of Indianapolis

Food Policy and Program Coordinator

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Suttles, S. (2019). The Time for Macroeconomics in Municipal Food Policy. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, 8(4), 29-32.
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