Investing in Local Food, Investing in Local Communities


  • Thomas Bolles Virginia Cooperative Extension



Slow Money, Investment, Capital, Philanthropy, Sustainability, Soil Health


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SOIL: Notes Toward the Theory and Practice of Nurture is by Woody Tasch, the founder of the Slow Money Institute, which seeks to rebuild the economy from the ground up with an emphasis on sustainable local food systems. This book lays out Tasch’s vision for building local food systems.

SOIL is an interesting and entertaining read. It is not a just-can’t-put-it-down read, but I think that is the point. Festooned with side notes, the text forces you to break up the read. In many cases, the notes not only tie into the text but also are teaser for the reader to go back and dig deeper. Tasch’s writing style is hard to define, but it has a very literary quality. The text is more a conversation than a formal dissertation. Tasch engages the reader, circling back and tying up his points to weave a plan of hope for the future. . . .


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Thomas Bolles, Virginia Cooperative Extension


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