The Food Sovereignty Project

Advancing Theory and Practices


  • Salma Loudiyi VetAgro Sup



Food Sovereignty, Politics, Policy, Global North, Agrarian Question


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In The Politics of Food Sovereignty: Concept, Practice and Social Movements, editors Annie Shattuck, Christina Schiavoni, and Zoe VanGelder bring together some of the seminal contributions of the Yale McMillan Center Agrarian Studies Program’s 2013 conference focused on food sovereignty (“Food Sovereignty: A Critical Dialogue”). These proceedings were originally published in a special issue of the journal Globalizations (volume 12, issue 4, 2015). This book is valuable in general as it dis­cusses the upcoming challenges and contradictions of food sovereignty, a rising concept and political movement in the Global South and North. Con­trasting with the food sovereignty literature to date, which has mainly focused on the Global South (from which food sovereignty movements have emerged), this book shows how the original idea has expanded to encompass the Global North and urban communities. This book includes cases studies from the U.S., Canada, Russia, Peru, and Venezuela, demonstrating that many types of sovereignties may exist and coexist at different scales, which is a big challenge....


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Author Biography

Salma Loudiyi, VetAgro Sup

Associate Professor, Clermont Auvergne Université, AgroParisTech, INRA, Irstea, VetAgro Sup, UMR Territoires

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