The Possibilities and Pitfalls of Future Food Systems


  • David V. Fazzino II Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania



Global Food Systems, Economic Crisis


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The contributors in the 14 chapters of Food Systems Failure: The Global Food Crisis and the Future of Agriculture, through different theoretical perspectives, view the global economic and food crisis of 2008 as a reflection of pervasive structural inequalities present in food systems, rather than as a one-off event or crisis. The text is a product of a regional conference focused on the global food crisis and was one of a series of conferences held to address what were perceived as pressing problems in food systems at a variety of scales. Organizationally, the text maintains internal coherence through introductory and concluding chapters by the editors, the use of an index, and the efforts of the various contributors as they reference one another's chapters. Taken as whole, Food Systems Failure provides fertile ground for discussions in where we have been in conceptualizing food systems and where we might be going, including the power of envisioning "utopic possibilities" in the face of neoliberal "realities."...


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David V. Fazzino II, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania; +1-570-389-4859.
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Fazzino II, D. V. (2016). The Possibilities and Pitfalls of Future Food Systems. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, 6(2), 303–305.