Notes from an Intentional Farm Community


  • Gregory Zimmerman Lake Superior State University



Permaculture, Eco-village


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Many of us have projects in which we build community around food. Community gardens, food hubs, farm-to-school, farmers' markets, expanding nutrition assistance, policy research and advocacy, and other such projects enhance nutrition, help build the local food system, and increase capacity of local communities. We pick a few aspects of "community" and a few aspects of "food" and tie them together. Josh Trought has taken many aspects of community and many aspects of food and tied them together in D Acres Farm and written about his experiences with this large project in the book The Community Scale Permaculture Farm.

D Acres defies easy categorization. It's a group of people living together on a farm, growing much of their own food and sharing their knowledge. Trought uses the term "intentional community" and "land-based service movement," since "collective" and "commune" bring to mind too many distracting concepts and images. He is looking to do no less than develop a new model for small farming, an alternative in the sense of ag practices but also an alternative to the family farm for those not part of a farming family. Revenue is derived from sales of farm-derived products, educational programs, and grant funds. This book summarizes the experiences of building and operating this entity; this review is about the book, not directly about the entity it describes....


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Gregory Zimmerman, Lake Superior State University

Professor of Biology, Lake Superior State University; 650 West Easterday; Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan 49783 USA. Gregory Zimmerman is a professor of Biology at Lake Superior State University, where he teaches in the area of ecology, biostats and epidemiology. His research includes sustainable local communities, food systems, and environmental conservation. He and his family have a small, diverse farm on which they grow produce for the local farmer's market, CSA customers, and local restaurants.
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