Three Strategies To Foster Diversity in the Food Movement


  • Hilary King Emory University



Alternative Food Systems, Atlanta, Coalition, Collaboration, Diversity, Inequity, Farmers, Food Justice, Race, Racism, Strategies


This commentary explores strategies for coalition-building and reallocating resources across racial divides within alternative food systems. Following analysis of a set of public conversations held in Atlanta, Georgia, in spring 2015, I identify three strategies that may promote greater diversity: (1) the allocation of institutional and academic resources beyond historically privileged spaces; (2) the development of a shared historical context for framing and shaping collaborative, antiracist work; and (3) the commitment of policy-makers to execute the ideas of food producers. These strategies, pursued in conjunction, may aid in addressing regional and neighborhood discrepancies in representation in food system leadership and also foster a stronger, antiracist alternative food system.

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Author Biography

Hilary King, Emory University

Department of Anthropology, Emory University; 1557 Dickey Drive; Atlanta, Georgia 30307 USA; +1-541-778-4631.



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King, H. (2015). Three Strategies To Foster Diversity in the Food Movement. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, 5(4), 183–187.