Concerning the Unbearable Whiteness of Urban Farming

  • Antonio Roman-Alcalá San Francisco, California
Keywords: Urban Agriculture, Race, Identity, Strategy, Practitioner Reflection


Based on the author's experience in urban agriculture projects and organizations in the United States, this commentary offers some basic, initial, and practical suggestions for how activists who are white or otherwise of relative privilege can approach "food justice" activism in ways that avoid re-inscribing white supremacy, and can more likely achieve the potential of transformative and multi-racial urban agriculture movements.

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Author Biography

Antonio Roman-Alcalá, San Francisco, California
3027 Harrison Street; San Francisco, California 94110 USA; +1-415-571-6660.
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Roman-Alcalá, A. (2015). Concerning the Unbearable Whiteness of Urban Farming. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, 5(4), 179-181.