Privilege and Allyship in Nonprofit Food Justice Organizations


  • Danny W. Tarng Rutgers University–Camden



Food Justice, Community Food, Food Movement, Allyship, Privilege, Empowerment, Organization Theory, Shared Leadership, Social Movement, Nonprofit Organizations, Professionalization, Urban Agriculture


Nonprofit urban agriculture organizations are a key component of the food justice movement in U.S. cities. As the movement grows, an increasing number of allies will perform community food work and take leadership roles in nonprofit food justice organizations. One key to the ongoing growth and success of the movement is how allies transform their privilege into empowerment at an organizational scale. This commentary provides insight on how certain organizational policies and practice can lead to better allyship.

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Author Biography

Danny W. Tarng, Rutgers University–Camden

Department of Public Policy and Administration, Rutgers University–Camden; 401 Cooper Street; Camden, New Jersey 08102 USA.



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Tarng, D. W. (2015). Privilege and Allyship in Nonprofit Food Justice Organizations. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, 5(4), 173–177.