Decolonizing a Food System: Freedom Farmers' Market as a Place for Resistance and Analysis


  • Gail P. Meyers Farms to Grow, Inc.



Black Farmers, Decolonizing Food, Farmers Markets, Black Economics, Black Farmers Markets


Oakland's Freedom Farmers' Market is more than a venue for food exchange; it is a gathering place for Black cultural expression and economics. More often than not, Black farmers are shut out and even pushed out of mainstream farmers markets. However, fresh food and Black farmers are celebrated at the Freedom Farmers' Market each week. This commentary discusses the critical ways in which this market represents a social discourse about decolonizing our food system. Embedded within this place analysis is also, necessarily, a critique of the dominant places people currently have available for food. The Freedom Farmers' Market has become a model for disenfranchised peoples to take control of their own food system.

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Gail P. Meyers, Farms to Grow, Inc.

Co-Founder, Farms to Grow, Inc.; P. O. Box 10504; Oakland, California 94610 USA; +1-415-374-0608.



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Meyers, G. P. (2015). Decolonizing a Food System: Freedom Farmers’ Market as a Place for Resistance and Analysis. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, 5(4), 149–152.