Procurement and delivery of food at holiday provision clubs


  • Emily Mann Northumbria University
  • Clara Widdison Mayor’s Fund for London
  • Zeibeda Sattar Northumbria University
  • Margaret Anne Defeyter Northumbria University



Child, Food Insecurity, Food Procurement, School Holidays, Holiday Provision, Community Organizations


While school food initiatives across England sup­port children’s nutritional intake during school term time, there is no universal state provision dur­ing the school holidays to reduce the risk of chil­dren experiencing food insecurity. In the absence of a national program of holiday provision, com­munity organizations in disadvantaged com­muni­ties have established holiday clubs offering free food and activities to children. This paper exam­ines how these holiday clubs source food and the challenges of procuring food and delivering healthy meals that adhere to UK School Food Standards. Results indicate that holiday clubs adopt a variety of procurement strategies including rely­ing upon donated food. While club leaders have sought opportunities to source food cost-effectively, the findings suggest significant chal­lenges for these clubs to achieve their aim of delivering healthy meals. Findings point to needs for sustainable funding and the developing healthy food procure­ment policies and processes that align with a wider food strategy.


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Author Biographies

Emily Mann, Northumbria University

Ph.D.; Senior Research Assistant

Zeibeda Sattar, Northumbria University

Ph.D.; Lecturer

Margaret Anne Defeyter, Northumbria University

Ph.D.; Professor



How to Cite

Mann, E., Widdison, C., Sattar, Z., & Defeyter, M. A. (2021). Procurement and delivery of food at holiday provision clubs. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, 11(1), 45–57.